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The Virtual Production Academy
9th Floor, Suvidha Square,
Ceaser Road, Amboli,
Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 058

Workshop by The Virtual Production Academy - Imtiaz Barolia

Imtiaz Barolia, Producer / Creative Director-Founder of ZGP Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. recently attended a workshop by The Virtual Production Academy and called it an “eye-opener”. Imtiaz’s keen insight not only acknowledges the inherent potential of Virtual Production but elevates it as a game-changer for both convenience and commerce within the realm of filmmaking. In a cinematic landscape often overshadowed by the colossal scale of film production, Imtiaz perceives Virtual Production as a blessing, especially for aspiring filmmakers.

With a nod to its capacity to simplify the filmmaking journey, Virtual Production becomes a beacon of hope for young creatives who might otherwise find themselves daunted by the enormity of the industry.