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Discover Our ICVFX Adventure- Whispers in the Woods


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The Virtual Production Academy
9th Floor, Suvidha Square,
Ceaser Road, Amboli,
Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 058
“Whispers in the Woods” is a testament to creativity and innovation in virtual production. From meticulously designed set dressing and intricate foliage painting to landscape alterations and material adjustments, every detail is carefully curated to immerse audiences in a captivating narrative experience. This is masterfully crafted by one of our talented students. The Magic Behind the Scenes includes:
  • Previsualization: Visualizing scenes before filming begins to refine storytelling and visual aesthetics.
  • Physical Prop Sourcing: Selecting and integrating tangible props that enhance the authenticity of the virtual environment.
  • Lens and Tracker Calibration: Ensuring precise camera movements and tracking for seamless integration of virtual elements.
  • Virtual Scouting with Vcam: Exploring virtual environments and camera angles to optimize visual composition.
  • Light Adjustments via Web Remote Control: Fine-tuning lighting conditions in real-time to achieve desired atmospheres.
  • nDisplay and LED Volume Prep: Utilizing advanced display technologies to create immersive visual backdrops.
  As the cameras roll, immerse yourself in the action as our team brings “Whispers in the Woods” to life.  We have combined technical expertise with artistic vision to deliver a truly immersive storytelling experience. Contact Us to learn more about our innovative projects and how we can collaborate on your next venture in virtual production.