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In this term, explore the hybrid virtual production workflow to produce realistic visuals. Acquire exact camera and lens calibration for virtual element alignment. Real-time tracking is made possible through practical VIVE Mars training, and flawless blending of the real and virtual worlds is made possible by expert DMX controlled studio lighting. Actor-background integration and layer compositing are improved by the Aximmetry and Ultimate processes. Acquire knowledge to creatively carry out Hybrid Virtual Production projects.

Virtual Production allows the filmmaker to change locations in a matter of time without hassles and costs involved. For example, one can shift from snowy mountains to vast deserts with an on-set transition.

Virtual Production combines elements from Real Time Technologies with the help of Unreal Engine, in-camera VFX, performance capture, and photogrammetry to create virtual set designs and linear content.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this term, you will excell in:

  • Acquire expertise in seamlessly merging reality and virtual elements.
  • Demonstrate precision in camera calibration, ensuring accurate alignment of virtual elements within your scenes.
  • Showcase hands-on proficiency in real-time tracking through VIVE Mars setup, allowing dynamic interaction with virtual elements.
  • Display mastery in DMX controlled studio lighting operation, flawlessly integrating the real and virtual worlds to enhance overall visual quality.
  • Apply the Aximmetry and Ultimatte keying pipeline to enhance the integration of actors with backgrounds, achieving heightened realism and cohesiveness.
  • Exhibit proficiency in layer compositing using the Aximmetry to create stunning visuals.
  • Apply your skills to execute Hybrid Virtual Production projects creatively, translating concepts into polished and captivating experiences

Duration: 120 hours