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In this term, discover the essence of virtual production through performance capture. Seamlessly blend real-world actions using motion capture suits into digital realms. Unveil the art of facial and expression capture to convey emotions authentically. Harness the power of the LiveLink tool for real-time streaming, character animation, and MetaHumans integration within Unreal Engine. Elevate your virtual production prowess with this transformative course.

Virtual Production allows the filmmaker to change locations in a matter of time without hassles and costs involved. For example, one can shift from snowy mountains to vast deserts with an on-set transition.

Virtual Production combines elements from Real Time Technologies with the help of Unreal Engine, in-camera VFX, performance capture, and photogrammetry to create virtual set designs and linear content.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this term, you will excell in:

  • Seamlessly incorporate real-world actions into digital characters using motion capture suits.
  • Apply facial and expression capture techniques to convey genuine emotions in virtual characters.
  • Utilize the LiveLink tool effectively for real-time streaming and dynamic character animation within Unreal Engine.
  • Seamlessly integrate motion capture data with MetaHumans, enhancing believability and enriching the virtual production experience.

Duration: 120 hours