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This term delves deeply into Unreal Engine, seamlessly incorporating it into virtual production workflows. Discover how to create realistic 3D environments, as well as real-time rendering, and photogrammetry along with RealityScan, animation retargeting, MetaHumans workflow, and material creation. For outstanding visuals, use advanced rendering techniques such as ray tracing and path tracing, as well as Lumen’s dynamic global illumination.

Virtual Production allows the filmmaker to change locations in a matter of time without hassles and costs involved. For example, one can shift from snowy mountains to vast deserts with an on-set transition.

Virtual Production combines elements from Real Time Technologies with the help of Unreal Engine, in-camera VFX, performance capture, and photogrammetry to create virtual set designs and linear content.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this term, you will excell in:

  • Create lifelike 3D environments that seamlessly blend creativity and authenticity.
  • Optimize real-time rendering for captivating interactive experiences.
  • Seamlessly integrate real-world objects using photogrammetry and RealityScan.
  • Implement animation retargeting techniques for smooth character animations.
  • Understand the MetaHumans workflow to design and animate realistic characters.
  • Enhance visual realism through material manipulation.
  • Master advanced rendering techniques Lumen, including ray tracing, path tracing, and dynamic global illumination.
  • Seamlessly incorporate Unreal Engine into virtual production workflows.

Duration: 120 hours