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In this term, you’ll learn the techniques for creating hard surface modeling, organic modeling, and the creation of various materials or shaders for different surfaces. To give your designs life, get skilled in lighting and rendering. Gain expertise in character and prop rigging, and use character and prop animation to bring your creations to life. With the knowledge and abilities you gain from this term, you will be prepared to succeed in the field of 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Animation.

Virtual Production allows the filmmaker to change locations in a matter of time without hassles and costs involved. For example, one can shift from snowy mountains to vast deserts with an on-set transition.

Virtual Production combines elements from Real Time Technologies with the help of Unreal Engine, in-camera VFX, performance capture, and photogrammetry to create virtual set designs and linear content.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this term, you will excell in:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in hard surface and organic modeling, along with texturing techniques.
  • Create diverse materials to enhance visual realism.
  • Master the art of realistic lighting and rendering.
  • Develop skills in character and props rigging.
  • Execute character and props animation with proficiency.

Duration: 120 hours