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At the end of this term, you will excel in:
  • Seamlessly merging reality and virtual elements.
  • Demonstrating precision in camera calibration, ensuring accurate alignment of virtual elements within your scenes.
  • Showcasing hands-on proficiency in real-time tracking through VIVE Mars setup, allowing dynamic interaction with virtual elements.
  • DMX controlled studio lighting operation, flawlessly integrating the real and virtual worlds to enhance overall visual quality.
  • Applying the Aximmetry and Ultimatte keying pipeline to enhance the integration of actors with backgrounds, achieving heightened realism and cohesiveness.
  • Exhibiting proficiency in layer compositing using the Aximmetry to create stunning visuals.
  • Applying your skills to execute Hybrid Virtual Production projects creatively, translating concepts into polished and captivating experiences.

Duration: 48 hours