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The Virtual Production Academy
9th Floor, Suvidha Square,
Ceaser Road, Amboli,
Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 058


Virtual Production is “the breakthrough” in the filmmaking process. It combines physical & virtual filmmaking techniques to create cutting-edge media. Filmmakers use real time 3D to create photorealistic sets and display them on large LED walls for enhanced realism and depth. The interactivity with virtual worlds allows the filmmakers to visualize the final output and refine them in real-time uncovering new possibilities.

This highly advanced technology is not only redefining the way movies are shot and edited but is also transforming the way creators bring their imagination to life. With The Virtual Production Academy, you can build your skillset in this niche technology and drive your career forward.


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About Us

The Virtual Production Academy is a centre of excellence based in Mumbai for training in Virtual Production. With the spectacular studio set-up of LED walls, you will be trained in the essentials of filmmaking. Our expert faculty will help you become a new-age filmmaker and prepare you to work for the topmost movie studios in India and abroad on ambitious movie projects.

Our centre of excellence is all set with:

Camera Tracking Solution

LED Volume Wall for Virtual Production

Motion Capture Suits

Hybrid Virtual Production Floor

Hi-end Workstation in Labs

Live Broadcasting & Events

VR Scouting

In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX)

Industry Professional Mentors

DMX controlled studio lighting setup

AI Content Creation Tools

12K Film Camera Workflow

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Our Program –
The Virtual Production Specialist

Uncover your artistic potential with our innovative Virtual Production Specialist course which is spread across 6 terms. Immerse yourself in the realm of real-time rendering technology, craft mesmerizing in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), seamlessly blend reality and imagination through Hybrid virtual production, and give characters a soul with Performance Motion Capture (MOCAP).

At the end of this term, you will excel in:

  • Storyboards and story-telling.
  • Various aspects of the filmmaking process.
  • Image editing.
  • Compositing and visual enhancement.
  • Sound editing techniques.
  • Fundamental concepts of video editing.
Duration: 120 hours

At the end of this term, you will excel in:

  • In hard surface and organic modeling, along with texturing techniques.
  • Creating diverse materials to enhance visual realism.
  • The art of realistic lighting and rendering.
  • Character and props rigging.
  • Executing character and props animation with proficiency.
Duration: 120 hours

At the end of this term, you will excel in:

  • Creating lifelike 3D environments that seamlessly blend creativity and authenticity.
  • Optimizing real-time rendering for captivating interactive experiences.
  • Seamlessly integrating real-world objects using photogrammetry and RealityScan.
  • Implementing animation retargeting techniques for smooth character animations.
  • Understanding the MetaHumans workflow to design and animate realistic characters.
  • Enhancing visual realism through material manipulation.
  • Advanced rendering techniques Lumen, including ray tracing, path tracing, and dynamic global illumination.
Duration: 72 hours
scene 4

At the end of this term, you will excel in:
  • Seamlessly incorporating real-world actions into digital characters using motion capture suits.
  • Applying facial and expression capture techniques to convey genuine emotions in virtual characters.
  • Utilizing the LiveLink tool effectively for real-time streaming and dynamic character animation within Unreal Engine.
Duration: 24 hours

At the end of this term, you will excel in:
  • Seamlessly merging reality and virtual elements.
  • Demonstrating precision in camera calibration, ensuring accurate alignment of virtual elements within your scenes.
  • Showcasing hands-on proficiency in real-time tracking through VIVE Mars setup, allowing dynamic interaction with virtual elements.
  • DMX controlled studio lighting operation, flawlessly integrating the real and virtual worlds to enhance overall visual quality.
  • Applying the Aximmetry and Ultimatte keying pipeline to enhance the integration of actors with backgrounds, achieving heightened realism and cohesiveness.
  • Exhibiting proficiency in layer compositing using the Aximmetry to create stunning visuals.
  • Applying your skills to execute Hybrid Virtual Production projects creatively, translating concepts into polished and captivating experiences.

Duration: 48 hours


At the end of this term, you will excel in:
  • In-camera visual effects (ICVFX) in filmmaking and their transformative impact on the industry.
  • Recognizing the game-changing impact of ICVFX in post-production by creating captivating effects straight through the camera’s viewfinder.
  • Display configuration, synchronizing LED panels with real-time video for smooth integration, and calibrating cameras and lenses to achieve perfect alignment and flawless visual integration.
  • LED wall color science to get accurate color reproduction.
  • Improving story immersion by streamlining workflow with fast stage operations and virtual set extensions.
Duration: 48 hours


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opportunities that await you in Virtual Production GLOBALLY:

Virtual Art Department (VAD) Artist

Pre-Viz Artist

Tech-Viz Artist

Virtual Production
Real-time 3D
Led Wall
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Real Time
Technical Artist
On-set VP
Camera Tracking

Lighting Artist

Unreal Generalist

VP Manager

Motion Capture

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Note: The Virtual Production Academy is not a university.